Douze Douze has initiated or participated in the production of artistic events such as the Kosmopolite festival, La Villette Street Festival, numerous group shows and interventions in public spaces. Those experiences have allowed us to further develop our skills in the fields of consulting and art direction, so that we can assist in similar events and experimental endeavors carried out by cultural venues and advertising agencies, since creativity is at the heart of communication.


AKRylonumérik is a multimedia live performance, and also the name of a collective of artists who work under the name AKR. Our live performances are a unique experimental hybridization of three usually separate media (music, painting and digital technologies), with a broad spectrum of contemporary culture thrown into the mix as our artists explore the connections between artistic expression, the materials we use and the experience of time.

Some key productions
Fondation Cartier (Paris, 2009)
Pergamon Museum (Berlin, 2012)
Nuit Blanche (Paris, 2012)
Et 20 l’été (Paris, 2015)
Yes week’elles (Meaux, 2015)


Since 2010 we have created many customized digital productions and touch-screen content for partners in France, including site-specific works meant to intervene in urban landscapes or transportation systems, creating digital works designed to fulfill very specific needs.

These works involve multi-touch-screens and interactive tactile walls in game-like situations adapted to the particular circumstances.

This content can also be used on social media; in the form of RSS feeds, photos and clips.


We give creative workshops for people of all ages and skill levels, so that we can share our skills and enable creativity.

Our principles are “Discovery, understanding and doing.”

Artistic techniques, technologies and knowledge can all mix easily these days, but this sharing requires a frame. Our work facilitates and encourages this synergy. Our projects privilege the human and material dimensions of art, whether the medium involves traditional fine arts resources, found materials or digitization.


The Douze Douze association handles the organization of thematic exhibitions.

Because of its experience and many contacts, especially in the world of street art, it can guide the artists involved and the venues or institutions that commission our services. We can find, bring together, organize and share the most appropriate content in relation to a specific subject, in the form of solo and group thematic exhibitions.

Now Future (2012, Anglet)
Expo Nomade (2013, Bagnolet)
Chile: Graffiti & Street Art (2013, Biarritz)
We Art Urban (2015, Lagny sur Marne)